Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How The New DUO Body Cleanser Will Make Travelling Easier

Along with being a fashion and beauty junkie, I am also addicted to traveling. There is nothing more thrilling than visiting new countries, seeing different cultures, experiencing different smells and foods. However, one aspect of travel that I hate is carrying luggage, especially heavy luggage. Being laden down with bags slows me down and makes travel so much more difficult and tiring.

It's something I’m constantly battling, and as someone who always wants to look their best, this can often equate to lots of luggage. Over the years I’ve worked really hard to build a capsule wardrobe -a well edited collection of clothes that are interchangeable to create a various number of looks. Gone are the days when you pack a different shoe or bag for each outfit. You want pieces that will work with several looks.

The other area where I try to reduce the weight is with my toiletries. I want the best travel-ready beauty products that I can toss straight into my carry-on because looking fabulous is always on my itinerary.
I like to take products that have multi-uses. For example, a pencil that can be used for both my eyebrows and eyeliner or a face oil that doubles as a split end treatment or a cleanser that is also a make-up remover. This way, I'm not sacrificing my beauty routine.
Olay launches new game changing product DUO body cleanser in Soothing Orchid and Black Currant #ShowerDUOver
I’ve recently come across a new product that will now be an essential part of my curated beauty kit. Olay has introduced a 2 in 1 body cleanser (DUO Body Cleanser, $9.99) which, means I no longer have to pack a shower gel and body puff, hurrah! Instead, I just add water to activate the lather. One side is textured to allow you to exfoliate and the other side is smooth to condition the skin.

I've always found that traditional body puffs never really removed any dead skin, yet I continued to use it because there wasn't a better option until now. So for me, this is a game changer.
Travel with the new Olay DUO body Cleanser for a lighter toiletries bag
Just hang to dry between uses and replace when lather fades, usually after about 30 uses. You can also tell as the inner core of soap will slowly shrink down after each wash.
A new game changing product DUO body cleanser by Olay, Old Spice and Ivory #ShowerDUOver
DUO comes in 3 different scents Old Spice Pure Sport, Ivory Refreshing Clean and my personal fav Olay Soothing Orchid and Black Currant. It's a great blend of floral with fruit to create a refreshing trace.

For more info go to CleansingDUOs.com

DUO Body Cleansers, $9.99, are available at drugstores, mass retailers and CleansingDUOs.com

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

SLOPE STYLE, Apres-Ski Duds are Melting into Street Fashion this Winter

CHICAGO MAGAZINE, Slope Style by Jessica Moazami
TOP TO BOTTOM: Mischa Lampert chunky-knit wool pompom trapper hat, $395, Neiman Marcus. Canada Goose duck down filled freestyle vest, $350, Nordstrom Eugenia Kim chunky wool hand-knit headband with white pearl-edged cat ears, $125, eugeniakim.com. Anna-Karin Karlsson sunglasses, $690, Neiman Marcus. Sorel quilt duck boot, $140, Nordstrom. Rabbit fur sneaker boots, $1960, Moncler.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

BEAUTY BITS: Nars New Concealer

Nars new Soft Matte Complete Concealer, $30, narscosmetics.com #Narsissist

Thursday, January 19, 2017


For all you who loved La La Land as much as I did then you'll love seeing this, all the different art and foreign posters for the film.
Vietnamese Poster
Vietnamese Poster
La La Land Art Deco Style Movie Poster
Art Deco Style Poster
La La Land Korean Movie Poster
Korean Poster
La La Land Vinyl Cover
Vinyl Cover 
La La Land IMAX Poster and sheet music for City of Stars
IMAX Poster and sheet music for City of Stars
Turkish movie poster of La La Land
Turkish Poster
Criterion Collection Poster
La La Land French movie Poster
French Poster
Spanish La La  Land movie poster
Spanish Poster