Thursday, December 02, 2010

Addiction thirty-two: WINTER BOOTS

Baby it’s cold outside!

With my move from London to Chicago I knew that my wardrobe would have to change. Why? Well for starters the WEATHER is a little different here. They say the British always talk about the weather and it’s true because it’s usually grey and miserable. In Chicago they get all four seasons with bitterly cold winters and scorching hot summers.

As it’s already December I need to start buying some warm cuddly winter clothes and waterproof accessories ASAP. The key for me is to find items that aren’t just cool and stylish but also practical and warm. I don’t want to freeze to death no matter how good I look! However this can be tricky especially if you don’t want to spend a fortune.

My winter check list:
1. Winter Boots
2. Winter Accessories
3. Chunky knitwear
4. Long underwear

This week I want to focus on boots. With there being so many options out there, I’m keen on getting two pairs; one that is waterproof for wet weather and the other that is cosy for when it’s incredibly cold but dry.

Several years ago one of my fav designers
Marc Jacobs did a moon boot and I’m gutted that he hasn’t done one for this season. So the hunt is on to try and find something just as cool. A great alternative is the original and retro looking ‘MoonBoot’ by Tecnica. This iconic winter footwear, inspired by landing on the moon, are available in many different styles and colors but I LOVE the navy ($85).

The other option I’m considering is another classic, the ‘duck’ boot. However Sporto has revamped them in fashionable plaid (tartan) fabrics with a fur lining. A great twist on the classic boot ($69).

Another way to go is down the galoshes (wellington) route. The British brand, Hunters, famously worn by Kate Moss is always a great choice. However I’ve fallen in love with the Swedish brand Tretorn. I like how they aren’t too tall and especially love these fun colors ($60-$65).

Now for my cosy boots, the obvious option is the boot but I have to say I’ve never been a fan. I’m not keen on their look however they do seem incredibly warm and for that I’m slightly tempted. My first choice would be the ‘Classic Tall’ in grey ($180).

I’ve been trying to find an alternative sheepskin boot that is stylish. I’ve never been an Eddie Bauer fan either as they’re much more about practicality than fashion but I have fallen for these shearling boots ($179).

NEXT WEEK number two on my winter check list: winter accessories.... WARNING may contain snood images.