Wednesday, June 18, 2014


It’s a fashion movement were its participants aim isn’t to stand out from a crowd but to actually blend in. It’s like enough already with the peacocks desperate for attention! It’s turned fashion week into a circus with all street style photographers snapping at anything that shines like a magpie. Aren’t we so over everyone trying to out do each other with the most over the top outfits.

But I digress back to this new trend known as “Normcore”. The term was coined in a trend forecasting report by the NY agency, K Hole -where it states “Normcore moves away from a coolness that relies on difference to a post-authenticity coolness that opts in to sameness.” It goes on to say “The most different thing to do is to reject being different all together.”

I love the philosophy behind the movement however don’t necessarily love ALL the looks. Having Jerry Seinfeld, with his ill-fitting jeans and uncool sneakers, as a style icon, for me, is pushing it. Some of the mall clothes and suburban looks are just too 'hardcore' for me.
Jerry Seinfeld is a Style Icon
I’m personally drawn to the retro sportswear aspect of the trend with Adidas Stan Smiths, Nike Air Max sneakers. Also love the no logo sweatshirts and boyfriend jeans, it’s all about the comfy cas vibe and not looking like you’re trying too hard. The 90’s, which is now starting to look retro, is a big influence and I even think there’s a hint of the 80s British subculture, casuals, with this look.

Everyone’s been talking about it including the NY Times, Vogue, Elle, Lucky, GQ and it’s even made it’s way across the pond with London’s Evening Standard and UK Guardian. However despite all the press I don’t think this trend will last long with the fashion crowd, as most of us want to look stylish or chic not 'normal' so enjoy it while it lasts!

My fav Normcore looks, which some might argue isn't hardcore enough to be true Normcore!
Fav Normcore fashion styles
Love the Normcore sneaker look
A key Normcore is the showerslides

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