Monday, May 09, 2016

BEAUTY BITS: The Beachwaver

With summer upon us, it's time for one of our fav hairstyles, the beachy wave. I personally love this look, but many people find it difficult to curl their own hair. However, I’ve come across something that’s going to make it easier, a rotating curling iron aka The Beachwaver®!

Invented by celebrity stylist, Sarah Potempa, who realized there must be a simpler way for people to achieve this very popular look.

It’s super easy as the iron does all the work for you in a click of a button!

First launched in 2012 with the Beachwaver® PRO ($199), Potempa has since created a whole range of styling tools including a more affordable Beachwaver® S ($129), lightweight hair drier ($150) and a mini straightener ($35). However, the rotating curling iron continues to be the most popular tool.

Now Potempa has launched two new barrel sizes for the Beachwaver® S series. Originally only available in a 1 inch, it now comes in a smaller .75 for short hair or tighter curls and a larger 1.25 for long hair or looser curls.

The original Beachwaver® PRO and Beachwaver® S1 available at
The new Beachwaver® S.75 and Beachwaver® S1.25 are available exclusively at


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