Tuesday, November 29, 2016


The new direction of the Pirelli calendar continues with Peter Lindbergh’s 2017 images entitled ‘Emotional’.
Uma Thurman
The calendars, first published in 1964 to promote the Italian tire company, are famous for featuring supermodels like Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen, Cindy Crawford, Gisele Bündchen and Miranda Kerr. They are often photographed scantily clad in exotic locations focusing on themes of sexuality, however, the times they are (finally) changing! Last year famed photographer Annie Leibovitz took the calendar in a much needed new direction instead showcasing inspiring women of all ages like Yoko Ono, Fran Lebowitz, Patti Smith, Tavi Gevinson, Serena Williams and Amy Schumer captured in statuesque black and white portraits.
Julianne Moore
Lindbergh continues the trend photographing a more stripped down and raw looking images of Hollywood actresses including Uma Thurman, Nicole Kidman and Helen Mirren.
Robin Wright
Lindbergh said at today's Paris press conference "beauty is just commercial interest, as you see in magazines, women are washed out from every experience. That's just the opposite of what I wanted. These are the most talented women that I admire in the entire world. They are emotional and I wanted to show that."
Nicole Kidman
Lindbergh goes on to explain that the women appearing in the calendar are “nude while being fully dressed” because the camera had “stripped them to the very soul. It’s another kind of naked, more important than body parts. What is more than being naked is to show yourself the way you are.”

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