Thursday, September 06, 2018

FASHIONABLE INVITE: Everlane Denim Pop-up

Everland opens a denim pop-up store in Chicago's west loop
WHO: Everlane
WHAT: The online brand has opened a pop-up store launching its new "Authentic Stretch Denim” collection.
WHERE: 160 N. Morgan St. Chicago, IL
WHEN: September 5–16, 11am–7pm
WHY: Three new styles, a mid-rise skinny, a high-rise skinny, and a cigarette pant with a button fly and a wider ankle, all have been added to the denim range. Also unlike typical denim manufacturers, which are notorious water-waster, Everlane's factory is able to recycle 98% of the water, as well as repurposing byproducts and using alternative energy sources. Now, why wouldn't you want to support that! The brand's ethos has always been focused on being a transparent company regarding its business practices.

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