Addiction Nine: SUMMER HATS

The one thing you shouldn’t be seen without this summer is a hat!

Make sure to choose one that fits your style (and your head), I personal love women in men’s style hats like a trilby, panama or flat cap.

Perfect for the country or abroad maybe not so great for the city. Jaeger, £120

A bit Amish? Reiss, £39

City cool! Reiss, £39

A classic Panama style. Pachacuti at Liberty, £50

Cowboy Jess! Paul Smith at Liberty, £105

Ummm....NO! Pachacuti at Liberty, £50

Enchanted April.....very cute and girlie for that vintage 20s feel. Crystal Crown Series by Tony Merenda at Anthropologie, £48

“I’m singing in the rain....” perfect for a British down pour! Aquascutum, £55

City glam...couldn't you see Samantha wearing this in SATC2. Bernstock Speirs at Fenwick, £119

Enchanted April 2.....perfect for a country wedding. Grevi at Fenwick, £179

This is my personal fav- men’s style trilby with a bit gold glam detail. Bernstock Speirs at Fenwick, £119
Which one do you like?