Addiction two: GLASSES

For someone who’s wore glasses nearly all her life I am thrilled to SEE that specs are back in fashion! I always HATED wearing glasses; they were big, heavy and definitely NOT cool. I had some pretty shocking pairs as a kid back in the 80s. As soon as I was allowed contacts I never looked back until now.

I have some exciting news.... attention all four-eyed geeks.... to be truly cool this season you MUST have a pair of specs!

If you NEED glasses or even if you don’t, get several different pairs to help vary your look and style. It’s a great way of completely reinventing yourself this season.

I LOVE the current trend of taking a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses and putting in optical lenses for that really bold 50’s look. This also allows you a more wide variety of coloured frames. It’s been so popular that Ray-Ban started producing optical versions of their sunglasses.

They’re even appearing in fashion shoots on models as a key accessory in magazines like Vogue and Grazia! All the designers have a range; including my personal favourites Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Prada and Valentino.

Glasses featured on me above include Balenciaga, Dior, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Gucci and YSL call 01423 520303 for local stockists.

Addiction one: CLOGS

This is a new addiction for me, I‘ve NEVER been a fan of this style of shoe, they always look so heavy and uncomfortable.

However since I’ve seen Alexa Chung wearing a pair earlier this year at the Chanel Couture show I think I’ve fallen in love! The chunky high heel worn with grey tights and classic white Chanel dress looked fantastic! Alexa clearly must be in love too as she can be seen wearing a pair on the cover of the March British edition of Vogue!

Ever since then I can’t stop thinking about clogs. In the past I have always been put off by them as I thought they would be really clunky and heavy (as I’m very clumsy I HATE heavy shoes). However while shopping for some ankle boots at Kurt Geiger (I was desperately in need of some with all the constant rain we’ve been having in London) I decided to try on pair. I was pleasantly surprised to feel how light they were. It was clearly a misconception I had.

I know clogs aren’t everyone’s taste however I know this look will be everywhere this season. So many fantastic designers have included them in their SS’10 collections; Chanel, Kurt Geiger, Jimmy Choo, Fendi, Gucci, Celine and my personal favourite Miu Miu. They have done them in the cutest prints; doves, daisies and even cats! Apparently there is already a waiting list for them and I want a pair!

Top row:
£500, Gucci
£314, Miu Miu at
£314, Miu Miu at
£295, Jimmy Choo

Middle row:
£285, Miu Miu
£150, Kurt Geiger
£500, Gucci

Bottom row:
£355, Christian Louboutin, 020 7491 0033
£314, Miu Miu at
£355, Christian Louboutin, 020 7491 0033