Addiction eleven: HOLIDAY SHOPPING

Have you ever told yourself that shopping aboard doesn’t count? You’re in a foreign country with foreign money that doesn’t look real..........well I do ALL the time!!!!

While most of the shops in England only started their sales last week Florence have already had theirs as most shops were displaying their fall/winter stock. I know it might seem too soon to be shopping for the winter but when you see something you LOVE on holiday you MUST get it. It’s the RULE!

I came across a really cute shoe boutique, Eleonora on Via Porta Rossa, which had some FABULOUS boots. I was initially looking for some stylish Italian loafers when I spotted these suede boots by

Years ago when I was working at The Telegraph Magazine I had a pair like this in olive from Jigsaw but after wearing them to death I had to chuck them. So I was so excited to find another pair. They came in a few different colours but I LOVE the denim blue, they’ll look fab with grey, black and even blue jeans. You ALWAYS need several good pairs of flat boots to run around during the fall and winter seasons.

After Florence I jumped on a train to Genoa on the coast where it’s less touristy. I happily continued my shopping and came across more little boutiques.

At a shop near Via 20 Settembra I found the perfect holiday bag by Jessica Kagan Cushman. Since 2009 Jessica has been designing her collection of satire bags that are just too cute! I LOVE “My Other Bag is Chanel” mini tote! It’s perfect for a beach or summer holiday. Beware there are copies out there but JKC’s bags are the original.

On this trip I finally had an opportunity to use my new
Smythson travel wallet; it was the first time since receiving the lovely gift. I’ve always wanted one but was waiting for the perfect colour, which they call Magenta. It’s a beautiful bit of luxury to have especially if you travel a lot. There’s a place for my passport, tickets, money, etc.

I’ve ALWAYS loved Smythson for their quality leather products which are unmatchable. My next Smythson purchase will be a gorgeous leather iphone case. I really wanted the one in electric blue that they call Cerulean (remember that colour from A Devil Wears Prada) but unfortunately they sold out!

I’m off to Berlin next week I’ll let you know if I see anything fabulous there!